Sunday, March 28, 2010


Less than two weeks to go before we start our THIRD time competing in the Great Escape Global Scavenger Hunt. We can't wait !!!! And this time, we are bringing three extra teams with us: Heidi and Lily (Zoe's sister and niece from Barbados); Christine (Zoe's mom) who is back for a second time and is teamed up this year with Barbara (a great competitor from the 2009 Hunt) and April and Travis (April works for Zoe and Rainey and the office may well fall apart while she is gone as she is the true back-bone of our operation). Yes, we had so much fun the last two times that we dragging everyone we know with us this time.... Counting down the days now.... (P.S. The photo is us in the Nevada desert at the Burning Man festival last Labor Day - so that explains the odd outfits - which are far more colorful than the khaki and beige that we will be sporting every single day of the Scavenger Hunt).

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