Sunday, May 3, 2015

Miami No-Vice... and the end of the 2015 trip

Step back Rihanna ... the returning Global Scavenger Hunt Bajans also got met by an entourage of fans when we landed in Miami... or at least our most favorite fan, Derek Maingot, with a huge care package of our favorite cookies, candies etc.  Now that's service !!!

And so started the last leg of this event:  a day in Miami and the award ceremony and dinner.  Yesterday we were given 7 hours to rush around Miami and see as much as we could.  Quite a challenge when there is not a lot of public transportation.  So we choose to do the first few scavenges on the free PeopleMover (a monorail):  Like visiting the Freedom Tower / now art museum

We then rented city bikes to ride across the causeway and down into South Beach.

South Beach on a Saturday may just be the BEST people watching in the world.  We got a sidewalk seat at News Cafe and watched the various human species out for parade.

And a last swim in the Seventh Sea for Rainey

Then back to the hotel for the medal ceremony.  The three medal teams are: Sidney Sisters - Gold; Bird & Buns (the honeymooners) - Silver; Lawyers without Borders - Bronze.  Great group of savvy scavengers.

NOW - It's that - very sad - time of the year again: when we have to say goodbye to Bill and Pamela (the event organizers) and head home at the end of another AMAZING global scavenger hunt.  The 2015 Great Escape trip was particularly special because we got to see several new countries (and one continent), had some truly memorable experiences and got to share it all with both my boys as well as Alan Emtage and Michael Rhodes.  But, we hope, we will be back in just 364 days.  See you then !!!


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