Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crossing the finish line

I just realized that my final blog never uploaded correctly... so decided to fix it.
YES, we crossed the finish line on February 14 in Kochin. We found out just how lucky we had been on this trek when we saw what some of the other Tuk Tuks looked like after they had tangled with a goods lorry (and lost). Amazingly,the accident happened on day THREE and this team drove this Tuk Tuk all of the rest of the way in this condition. They wore goggles to drive as they lost their windshield in the crash.

What an adventure !!!! It was - with much sadness - that we bid farewell to our trustee Tuk Tuks. This is Chloe kissing Big Mon goodbye....

And a very tired Zoe heads back to the US


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