Monday, March 31, 2008

Indiana Jones

Rob Jenner (who clearly has too much time on his hands and needs a hobby) created this artwork in response to the article below: Rainey as Indiana Jones himself.

The following article appeared this week in Independent News journal in Pensacola.

Local Pensacola lawyer Rainey Booth won a spot to compete in an around-the-world scavenger hunt that will take him and his team partner, Zoe Littlepage, to 13 countries on 4 continents in 23 days.

GreatEscape2008: The Global Scavenger Hunt is not just all fun. It's all to raise more than $1 million for charity, such as Noble Peace Prize-winning Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF and charities that provide micro-financing loans to the poorest villages in the world.
The competition for the prize of being crowned the Worlds Greatest Traveler kicks off in April and once it starts at each destination, teams receive sealed envelopes containing a list of scavenger challenges, travel riddles, cultural clues and cryptic passages, which will lead them to lost cities, sacred sites, cultural festivals, bustling bazaars, ancient ruins, exotic eateries and eventually to prizes.

By the time Booth returns to Pensacola he will have flown, walked, bicycled, boated and ridden camels, elephants, ox-carts, feluccas, dhows and rickshaws over a million miles! This is why Outside magazine has called the Global Scavenger Hunt..."one of the most amazing trips in the world!"

Some of the challenges that Booth may face:
***He may be asked to ride a four-legged beast around one of the Seven Wonders of the World wearing a traditional Arab headdress purchased in Khan al-Khalili. (Hell have to shop in Cairos ancient Grand Bazaar before riding a camel at the Pyramids).
***At a World Heritage Site with over 50 temples, he may visit the one where rodents roam freely and will have to explain why? (In Kathmandu, the sacred Hiranya Varna Mahabihar houses the living guardian of Vishnu and is guarded by holy rodents).
***He may sing Feelings at a Ginza district karaoke bar with at least four other local patrons: tuning up his pipes with new friends in glitzy Tokyo!)
***In the City of Waters, he may be required to partake in a traditional Turkish delight and take a bath in a public bathhouse in Turkey.

The competition is the brainchild of William D. Chalmers, international travel speaker, author of the travel book A Blind Date With The World and the previous winner of an around-the-world race. As Chalmers puts it, "this competition emphasizes the Indiana Jones spirit of adventure coupled with total cultural immersion as the Teams are required to use their wits and resourcefulness at every turn."

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last week

OK – we are getting REALLY excited. We are leaving in just over a week … and I am just about done with the preparation.

We are betting that China is our first stop because we had to get a Chinese Visa (see below). I really want to see the Great Wall of China so I am hoping that we end up in that area. With my luck we’ll only go to the backward jungles of China – and end up arrested for basic human rights violations.
I have organized all of my stuff for packing (I know, you are all saying … of course you have). I have packed into cubes and am officially the poster child for "cube packing" - which just means that you squeeze everything into various sized cubes. SOOOOO organized.
Don’t be surprised when you see me in the same clothes over and over again – I have packed ONLY 3 outfitst - 3 pants (which have zip-off legs so they can turn into shorts) – 3 shirts – 3 undershirts – and one skirt and scarf for muslim countries. I am going to be wearing brown, brown or brown for the next month… yawn… SO BORING.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank you!

The Great Escape is just over a month away and Rainey and I are beyond excited! THANKS TO EVERYONE for their support and donations! So far all we know is that we have to be in San Fran on April 11th and that we are going to China at some point (because they made us get visas!).

I am going to try and keep everyone posted of our adventures on this blog so please check back often to see our progress (and to make sure we are still alive )!


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