Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Boating in the backwaters of Kerala

We have been out of internet connection for two days as we cruised through the backwaters of Kerala on houseboats.  Just landed in Mumbai... so here is an update on our last 48 hours.

I'd always heard that staying on a house boat in Kerala, India was a "must see."  Now I know why.  It's peaceful and beautiful and fascinating.  Totally unlike the noise and frantic pace of the rest of India.

To get to the boats, we drove about 2 hours from Trivandrum.  We had 3 boats for our group.

The rooms were more than comfy... and with attached bathrooms and air conditioning (a bonus I frankly did not expect).

We ate lunch pretty soon after we got on board and then spent the afternoon coasting on the river... talking, debating, just relaxing.

And watching the life on the river

Canoes go by ... some so small or skinny that you wonder how the men actually balance in them

Women walk home from the fields

Bathing by the river bank is a common sight

As well as washing clothes

Or just gossiping with friends

At sunset, we pulled into a town and got to walk around a little and visit the church (Catholic)

Super ornate church and every statue was rocking an India-style garland of flowers.

After dinner on the boats, we had an early night. This morning we sailed another two hours to where our bus was waiting to take us to the Cochin airport.  Tomorrow we have to be downstairs - with all luggage - at 4:20AM so I'm off to bed. 

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Unknown said...

House boats...takes me back to when we went to the cashmeres with mum 25 years ago. There treat you like royalty. Wonderful


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