Monday, January 11, 2016

Last day at HMM: Outing to the beach and lots of tears

I feel asleep right after dinner last night so my blog posting is a little late this time... sorry.

For our final day at the HMM home we took the kids on an outing to a park and the beach and to eat lunch at a resort.
So we walked out of our hotel this morning to find 2 buses chock full of kids all atwitter with excitement over a field trip.  It took about 25 minutes to reach the park so the bus driver put on music and the kids danced and danced all the way there

When we arrived at the park there was a river of color as the girls piled out of the buses in their best clothes.

The beach had NO shade and was hotter than the surface of the sun. The kids did not seem to even notice but I was melting.

The sea (and its rip currents) was too rough for swimming but the kids were allowed to stand with their feet in the water.

They stood for over an hour looking at the waves.. mesmerized by the water.

Observation:  As we were walking to the beach, there is an open swamp area with clearly stagnant water.  I suspect there are entire ecosystems of bacteria thriving in the warm water.  But a man is calmly bathing in the swamp - among the plants.  No idea how he does not die of some previously-undocumented intestinal illness.

Then it was time for games and cricket playing and running around... and girls ran full out in the scorching sun.

Next stop was a hotel for a buffet lunch of - you guessed it - curry and rice.  I saw a little commotion over by the buffet line with one of the guys shoo-ing away a posse of little girls.  When I explored more, I realized the girls were taking the little individually packaged pats of butter and eating them like candy.  I guess they don't get butter at the home and they loved the flavor.

We ended the day with a dance party. Lots of Bollywood style moves from the girls

And then it was time for goodbyes.  And lots of tears.

And promises requested of "Do not forget me." How could we?

One thing is for sure: we left the home brighter than when we arrived.  For example, a group of the kids got into the paint and put their hand prints all over the water tank.  Probably not what the house mother wanted but so cute.

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Unknown said...

Goodbyes are always so hard especially for the kids


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